Wednesday, April 22, 2009

New pictures

With the addition of these 15 new photos to the album, I am all caught up!

Quite a few pictures are of Easter, including a shot of 11 eager kids waiting to hunt for eggs at my parents' house. Seven of those kids are children of my cousins, so they are Isaac and Laurel's second cousins. (On that side of the family they have nine second cousins, so only the two who live out-of-state were missing.)

Isaac is finally over being sick (you remember he came down with a fever the Friday before Easter), but one of the pictures is of him at his worst, sulking because I had put chopped-up walnuts in his yogurt. Despite his being ill, however, there are a number of other photos of him consuming candy with enthusiasm.

Also included are photos from Laurel's 14-week birthday, including this cute shot with her toes.

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