Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Preschool application questions

How would you describe your child? What are his/her greatest strengths/needs?

He is verbally expressive, calm, even-tempered, and easy-going. He is cautious but curious, reserved but amiable, slow to warm up but ultimately adaptable.

What are his/her major interests/choices during free time at home?

Toy vehicles, blocks, being read to, pretending to do real work (cleaning, using tools), imaginary play with adults.

What kinds of responsibilities does your child have at home? What are your expectations of him/her?

Few responsibilities -- sometimes clearing own dishes, picking up a few toys. We expect him to be polite and nonviolent, and not to whine.

Does your child have any special learning or counseling needs? Please describe.

He is sensitive and cautious and is easily impressed by warnings from adults -- too many "be careful"s overwhelm him and make him retreat from the situation, so a gentle touch is needed when explaining potential dangers.

Does your child have any fears or anxieties we should know about? Please describe.

He is nervous around things that might make a loud noise, like vacuum cleaners and hand dryers.

What are your expectations of us during this coming year?

We want Isaac to have fun and feel cherished.

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